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Inreco LAN has established a solid more than 30-year record of solving complex software problems for clients. Our software solutions have drawn praise from both our customers and industry analysts.

Inreco LAN cares about its clients. It is our strong conviction that each software project must be completed on time and on budget, with all features and functions specified originally and those added subsequently during the project. To ensure that, we work with our clients very closely and carefully, using well-structured, industry standard software development processes for each individual project.

An important advantage for our clients is the ability to use well-educated highly professional specialists even in projects with a modest budget.

In the software market
since 1998

300+ successful

1М+ hours
of development

100+ happy


Inreco LAN has been known for more than 30 years as a company that solves complex software problems for its clients.

We are able to successfully cope with literally any software development task, from creating simple prototypes to implementing a full development cycle.


Java, .NET, PHP, Node.JS, Python


React.JS, Angular, Vue.JS

Mobile / Cross-Platform

Android, iOS, Xamarin, Cordova, Qt

Industry Experience

Inreco LAN implements a wide range of software projects, from solving complex R&D tasks to simple coding. To work for a customer on a long-term project, Inreco LAN assigns a dedicated group of the right size and necessary skills: analysts, programmers, designers, architect, testers, and manager.

Our industry experience includes but is not limited to the following areas:

Portals and information
systems for government authorities

Analytical and practical solutions
for the power industry and utilities

in healthcare

Web solutions and mobile apps
in e-commerce

Logistic solutions
for freight carriers and retail

Warehouse accounting and
analytical systems

Options for Cooperation


Development processes:
waterfall or agile development

Software development in full accordance with the requirements and technical specifications or flexible step-by-step development of functionality with frequent intermediate results after each iteration.


Separate team or
a part of the client's team

We are ready to cooperate in any of two options, either creating full-fledged development teams for specific projects, or providing individual specialists to be included in the client's team.


Research and protoyping
to verify your idea

R&D based on initial requirements; building an MVP; following step-by-step development of a new product.


Continuous improvement
and maintenance

We are ready to remotely support and develop the client's existing products and software systems.


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