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Inreco LAN is a software development company originally founded in 1989.

Inreco LAN works on developing bespoke software products and on providing IT services for the clients worldwide.

Inreco LAN has carried out numerous successful software development projects.


Konstantin Demidov

Konstantin Demidov

Co-founder and President

Prior to founding Inreco LAN, Mr. Demidov served as an assistant professor in the Vladimir State University (Department of Applied Mathematics and Physics).
While working for Inreco LAN, he was a chief scientist of several analytical software systems based on neural networks, fuzzy logic, and dynamic modeling for the Vladimir regional administration, the Ministry of Civil Defense of the Russian Federation, a number of trading companies, and for stock exchange applications.
Mr. Demidov holds a Ph.D. from Moscow State University in Applied Mathematics (1987).

Sergey Pyatigorskiy

Sergey Pyatigorskiy

Co-founder and CTO

Prior to founding Inreco LAN, Mr. Pyatigorskiy held the position of Head of the Software Development Division at the Laser Center of the Russian Federation. He received six official research grants from the R&D Laser Center.
While working for Inreco LAN, Mr. Pyatigorskiy was the head of numerous successful projects for state organizations, banks, and corporations.
Mr. Pyatigorskiy graduated summa cum laude from the Moscow Aviation Institute, Department of Applied Mathematics, at 1984.


Inreco LAN employs more than 60 experienced programmers, project managers, analysts, testers and designers. All of them are graduates of IT departments of Russian universities. The company has several graduate students, 4 PhDs and 1 doctor of science.

We possess extensive experience in managing projects of various complexities. This allows the company to successfully work on any project, from creating relatively simple prototypes to implementing a full production cycle; starting with research and development and ending with the release of industrial designs of complex software systems.

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