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Product quality monitoring system (MES subsystem)


Modern quality standards require that a factory organizes accounting and control of each unit of production during the entire production cycle from the purchase of raw materials to the shipment of goods. This requires separate subsystems or a complete automated process management system integrated with the company ERP.


The professional team of Inreco LAN specialists has implemented the project of complex automation for a factory:

  1. According to the technical requirements provided by the client, the Inreco LAN team has designed and developed the automated process control system. The modules of the system are installed in several workshops, and using special equipment, these modules collect operational information on production. The first implemented subsystem ensured ROI during the first six months of operation.
  2. Since the automated process control system has been initially developed on a uniform platform, and it had the ability to integrate with ERP systems in accordance with the ISA-95 standard. The Inreco LAN team successfully integrated the system and the company ERP, thus enabling the users to make timely and accurate management decisions based on the incoming operational information.

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