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Unique and powerful CTRM/ETRM system


Development of a unique product called SATURN for a US company Abacus Solutions Inc. SATURN is a based on a modern architecture, fully integrated CTRM/ETRM system with a set of powerful simulation and optimization capabilities.


SATURN is being actively developed, improved and expanded by the Inreco LAN specialists since 2013. SATURN integrates several key applications including Generation Management, Trade Management, Credit Management, Market Analysis, Business Intelligence, and Retail Management.

According to Dr. Salim J. Jabbour, founder and CEO of Abacus Solutions Inc., competitive advantages of SATURN are as follows,

“First, it is a fully integrated system that offers broad applications including trade capture and valuation, market simulation and calibration, generation optimization, credit management, business intelligence, financial analysis, risk management, and portfolio optimization.

Second, it has a set of full simulation and optimization capabilities that enable superior and rigorous solutions including advanced Efficient Frontier portfolio management and optimization.

Third, it is based on a modern architecture that makes it easy to deploy, easy to maintain, and an easy to use system in addition to providing on command vertical and horizontal scalability.

Fourth, it delivers superior performance that enables the processing of large amounts of data very quickly and facilitates key applications in real time or near real time.”

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