ProcureZone is a one-stop procurement resource and hub that simplifies the purchasing process for buyers and suppliers throughout the construction industry.

An average of about 40% of the dollars spent on construction and maintenance projects goes toward the purchase of goods and materials. A significant portion of these procurement dollars is spent on engineered equipment and materials. ProcureZone can reduce the cost for specified equipment and material by an average of up to 20%. Here is why:

Today's project engineer, like his predecessor 20 years ago, uses in-house technical libraries to prepare single-use, paper-based specifications that are issued to a small cross-section of bidders selected on a project-specific basis. At best, specifications are e-mailed in Microsoft Word, or a similar format, without any control mechanism for change or version management. Competition is inherently limited to the suppliers well known to the buyer, and bid tabulations, conformed contracts, and transaction records are prepared manually and archived in relatively inaccessible paper or image form. Suppliers are forced to review every RFP in detail or risk missing a change that could cost them thousands of dollars. New market penetration, particularly for international suppliers, is difficult and expensive because of the lack of standard buyer procedures and the need for extensive face-to-face meetings to convey information to multiple one-time decision-makers who are often within the same organization.

Drawing on the world-class experience of its management and consultant team as well as of the software development company, ProcureZone has attacked these issues and streamlined the construction industry procurement process through a complete set of Web-based, fully automated procurement tools specifically designed for the construction industry professional. Every aspect of the procurement process, from the initial estimate to contract closeout and subsequent data mining, has been considered and integrated into a seamless and paperless system, based on the Application Systems Provider (ASP) model that is fully compatible with the customers’ existing procedures and systems. This model frees customers from having to support complex software systems.

As an ASP, ProcureZone is accessible using any standard Web browser, saving customer the cost of acquiring and supporting complex software systems. It is constructed with XML and open architecture to stand alone, or to integrate with existing or planned systems. It also can serve as one module in a complete enterprise-wide system. However customer utilizes ProcureZone, he will realize a streamlined and simplified workflow, saving him valuable time and money.

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