ezManageOnline is a simple and easy web- and email-based task management solution for individuals, small and mid-size businesses.

All human life consists of tasks, be they business tasks or just tasks of our private life. Some of the tasks are personal, however quite a lot of them require collaboration with other people: colleagues, relatives, friends, etc. Managing your life is managing the tasks that constitute it. The better you do it, the more successful you are. ezManageOnline is a perfect tool to easily plan, organize, track, manage and share tasks of any nature: Events, meetings, appointments, business tasks, personal activities, etc.

With ezManageOnline you use Web and e-mail:

  • to assign certain tasks to your colleagues;
  • to regularly receive progress reports about the assigned tasks;
  • to share your hobbies and your plans with your family and friends;
  • to involve people into the activities of your interest;

etc. Please find more about the main features of ezManageOnline here: http://ezmanageonline.com/featurespage.aspx.

Availability and Pricing

ezManageOnline is a global web-based service available 24 x 7 x 365 at http://ezmanageonline.com/ from anywhere in the world. PDA version of the service is available at http://ezmanageonline.com/pda.

ezManageOnline is absolutely free. No limitations, no charges.

By special request, ezManageOnline can be deployed as a corporate (intranet) solution. For more information please contact ezManageOnline team.

ezManageOnline is published in Microsoft Solution Finder, the directory of Microsoft partners' business solutions.