Staffery is a web-based application for you to manage the CVs (curricula vitae) of your employees. Each employee enters information concerning his/her personal education, achieved certificates, experience, skills and the accomplished projects.

An authorized person (e.g. manager) is able:

  • to search through CVs using different criteria,
  • to select employees and groups of employees having definite qualification,
  • to get standard CVs of the selected people (as an HTML, RTF or PDF document).

Staffery can be used in any industry or business area. To do this you just need to populate Staffery’s database with information about skills, experience, education, projects, etc. related to your specific industry or business. Basically, the installation kit of Staffery already contains the module for an IT company, so if you are in IT business, you can use the system instantly.

Compatible with Windows 7

Staffery is published in Microsoft Solution Finder, the directory of Microsoft partners' business solutions.