Indaba is an enterprise-wide system Inreco LAN has been working on since 2003.

Indaba is a complete solution to sell books, music, movies and games on-line. Indaba integrates all the essential functions: inventory management, sales and customer service, shipping and fulfillment tools.

Main features of Indaba:

  • Selling on multiple marketplaces simultaneously: Amazon, Half, AbeBooks, Alibris, Biblio, eBay Stores, eBay ProStores, TextbookX,,,,,, Barnes & Noble,, Akaikutsu, for Libraries, Froogle, ValoreBooks.
  • Adding any item with an ISBN or UPC to the inventory. It is done with a simple barcode scanner, instantly. Indaba allows inventorying thousands of items each day and retrieving other information instantly – no laborious typing needed.
  • Automatic alerts sent to customers when an item is shipped or delivered. Easy email templates reduce customer service time by 90% and allow one person to respond to over 500 email inquiries in a single day.
  • Keeping organized like never before. Indaba automatically associates emails to order numbers, so you can quickly resolve any confusion. You can also attach notes to any order.
  • You will never undercut others, and not a thing you sell will be ever undervalued. Price is flexibly set across the marketplaces based on the real value of what you're selling. Indaba uses advanced algorithms to price based on historical sales and sell-through rates, and monitors your competitors closely.
  • Routine procedures such as creation of daily fulfillment reports, packing slips and shipping labels are made easy for the staff.
  • You can list “mystery” items with no ISBNs or UPCs using our patent-pending ASIN finder. Directly tied to Amazon, AbeBooks and Alibris, it searches these sites as you type, then grabs data for your listing with no copy or pasting.
  • Upload quickly and often to all marketplaces to avoid dreaded double-sells. Indaba keeps an eye on your inventory across the board.

The Indaba success stories can be found here: