Zodiac is an automated system to be used by wholesale power market operators of Russian Federation.

Participants of the Russian wholesale power market use Automatic Meter Reading Systems (AMRS). However, a standard AMRS is focused on collecting data and does not provide all the functionality required to work at the market. To prepare data for the market following functions should be considered:

  • Converting collected data into user-friendly format.
  • Data check for completeness and reliability.
  • Capability to restore lost data.
  • Preparing reports and special documents required for financial arrangements with partners.

Zodiac is the software system ready to be integrated with an existing AMRS and supplementing it with all the functionality mentioned above.

In more detail, Zodiac provides users with following capabilities:

  • Working with large amounts of information gathered from electricity power meters and presented user-friendly as charts and plots.
  • Reconstruction of missing or lost data by the means of special algorithms.
  • Sending e-mails to a market operator in manual and automatic modes.
  • Calculating power interchanges and power losses (user-adjustable algorithms).
  • Generating reports required to work at the Russian wholesale power market.