Minutes-n-Motion is a comprehensive political accountability/eDemocracy application that provides unprecedented access to public records. The product name reflects the concept of reviewing the “minutes”, or the written record, of local government meetings and evaluating the “motions”, or actions, that take place in those meetings.

It is designed to demystify government activities and empower citizens. This application was the genesis eNeuralNet's artificial intelligence technology – it was originally designed to be an effective tool to go after a corrupt city council.

Consider a city with a population of 200'000. During the last ten years, the city has recorded more than twenty million words in its official records. It would take a trained speed-reader 42'000 working days (168 years) to read them let alone digest them. Going back to find a particular item in this paper tower, standing three stories high, is like looking for the proverbial “needle in a haystack&$148;.

Web and database search technologies have improved the situation greatly. However, using traditional web search technology, you could adequately research a topic in 6-12 months. Online databases will allow you to adequately research a topic in 1-3 months. Ultimately, your ability to associate researched items depends on your organizational skills, your intelligence, your research abilities and your late-night stamina.

Minutes-n-Motion developed with Microsoft .NET technology would complete your research in 8 seconds.

At your fingertips would be all of the relevant information in context – not just search words. In a span of fifteen to twenty minutes you could research a topic, review specific ordinances, and see how each council member voted on those ordinances (including multiple readings), who recused themselves from a vote and who abstained, along with many other “views” of the information. At all times it takes you to the source document and the place within the document.

The greatest challenge for government entities isn't collecting information, but rather making that information available in a simple, straightforward manner. Minutes-n-Motion allows you to collect information however you choose, we then make it available in a simple, straightforward manner.

With the same effectiveness, Minutes-n-Motion can access county records, state records, federal records, combination city/county records and even campaign records.

Who will benefit from Minutes-n-Motion?

Although there is a strong demand from the media, political activists, the legal community, and businesses seeking to understand the inner workings of city government, it is targeted toward everyday citizens who care about their community. Minutes-n-Motion empowers people to clearly evaluate the actions of their elected officials.

Who are the customers for Minutes-n-Motion?

A city, county, state or other entity would license the service from eNeuralNet who would also process the data. Updates would occur at an interval chosen by the customer with all services covered by a monthly fee. A one-time startup fee may also apply. This service would place the entity in an elite position of providing true open access to government records to its citizens.

Citizens can also access numerous cities at www.Minutes-n-Motion.com. This is a subscription website containing the minutes of numerous cities. If your city is not listed, come back often as we are adding additional cities as fast as we can! Feel free to send us an email to add your city.

See also the presentation of the product.