SmarTrader system is a custom software application for stock market based on neural network algorithms.

SmarTrader is a research prototype of an additional trader instrument that automates the process of stock selection (filtering) and finds special pre-defined patterns in historical (NYSE and NASDAQ) data, thus saving much time and effort and making decision on purchase more accurate and well considered.

SmarTrader software provides market filtering, technical analysis and fundamental analysis features. It is the program with the ability to load the fundamental data and stock charts from Internet sites and other sources.

The system allows user to filter stocks according to pre-defined rules and it presents charts for selected stocks in different modes.

In addition to the basic functionality described above SmarTrader provides sophisticated algorithms of automatic recognition of special types of patterns in the stock charts. The algorithms are based on advanced neural networks, fuzzy logic and genetic algorithms techniques.

The program filters the most prospective stocks for every particular market segment; it recognizes the most reliable types of pre-defined patterns and generates “Buy” and “Sell” signals for trader.

For the purpose of training and situational modeling SmarTrader is supplied with historical – since 1965 – data on price/volume and parameters for initial stock filtering rules for more than 3'500 stocks.

See also the presentation of the product.