Any company needs a system that would instantly help investors and management team to understand what's going on, why the company’s revenue dynamics is this or that, what should be done to decrease expenses and increase the profit, income, productivity etc.

There is a well-known business analysis software made by SAP AG, Germany. It is a huge and very expensive package. SAP cannot use data received from any other financial or inventory controlling system.

Market needs business analysis software for mid-range and small businesses. This software package should be relatively inexpensive. It should have ability to interchange data with widely used financial and inventory controlling systems.

SmartBoss is a mid-size business analytical system for top managers.

Smart Boss is the software system that works in conjunction with potentially any accounting, finance and inventory controlling software packages and it allows top managers to see the overall picture of their business instantly.

SmartBoss key features:

  • instant access to your major business information from anywhere in the world;
  • access validation and data protection;
  • market analysis of your business data;
  • risk management;
  • market forecast;
  • compatibility with any accounting system via Open Interface.

SmartBoss key technologies:

  • analytical data are stored in Microsoft SQL Server 2000 RDBMS;
  • OLAP (On-Line Analytical Processing);
  • data mining and data analysis algorithms;
  • forecasting algorithms (including neural networks);
  • comprehensive visualization tools;
  • WAP-ready web interface;
  • data exchange services (DBF-based).

See also the presentation of the product.