All Internet data management software is divided into a number of almost independent group, each of them with well-known players:

  • Internet search machines (Google, Yahoo, AltaVista, NorthernLight, etc.);
  • Internet meta-search machines (Copernic2000, Web-Sleuth);
  • software for downloading and storing whole pages and sites as opposed to Internet links (iHarvest, Telnet);
  • software for texts' semantic analysis (Megaputer's TextAnalyst).

Nowadays market lacks software that would combine all of the functions listed above, and which would be able to perform the following:

  1. Search for information through the Web on scheduled basis.
  2. Try links found and filter Internet content.
  3. Download filtered data.
  4. Classify downloaded data semantically.
  5. Store classified data providing the ways of flexible and comfortable access to stored data (personal mini-encyclopedia).

Avalanche is the product that is made to cover the entire field. It is not an add-on to a search engine. It is a user-side absolutely independent comparatively large software package which has a number of logically connected functions:

  • syntactic and semantic definition of information needed;
  • means of scheduled automatic data search in WWW;
  • downloading of the information found;
  • semantic filtration and classification of incoming data;
  • means of creating user's personal encyclopedia.

There are two different groups of Internet surfers who would need such product as Avalanche:

  • regular Internet users collecting information on their hobby (basketball news, cooking recipes, pets info, etc.);
  • analysts having to do with gathering and sorting Internet data (e.g. for Gartner Group, Bloomberg or IDC).

Avalanche software has been installed and is used now in a number of companies and organizations, e.g. in RISE University of Texas and Texas AM University.

See also the presentation of the product.