FuzzyXL is a special fuzzy-logic add-in to the well-known Microsoft Excel.

There are no fuzzy logic instruments for common use now. FuzzyXL gives novelty and power of fuzzy calculations to common Microsoft Excel users.

The users of FuzzyXL are the same people who use mathematical and financial functions of Microsoft Excel. Now they get the ability to use just the same functions with fuzzy parameters. There is a great number of business applications for FuzzyXL. They are the same as the ones for the ordinary Microsoft Excel. The main difference is: with FuzzyXL the solutions for these tasks could be done more accurately.

One would look to solve any business task with maximum certainty. At the same time most business tasks rely on uncertain expectations and forecasts. Here is the place for making calculations with FuzzyXL.

Main FuzzyXL characteristics:

  • Strong mathematical basis. All Microsoft Excel functions for which fuzziness could be reasonable are made fuzzy (27 mathematical and 12 financial functions).
  • Proven development technology.
  • Easy to install and easy to use. There is only a couple of removable additional buttons in Microsoft Excel toolbar.

See also the presentation of the product and/or download its demo version for Microsoft Excel 97-2003.