Testimonial for the MES from “P-D Tatneft-Alabuga Fiberglass”

March 19, 2014

Our valued customer “P-D Tatneft-Alabuga Fiberglass” has sent us a testimonial for the job Inreco LAN had done to design and develop the MES-system for the “P-D Tatneft-Alabuga Fiberglass” company.

At the end of 2011, “P-D Tatneft-Alabuga Fiberglass”, one of the main manufacturers of fiberglass and fiberglass-based products in Russia and CIS, has hired Inreco LAN to design and develop the Q-Glass MES-system. Q-Glass is an online quality monitoring system. The system was launched in July, 2012, and is now effectively used at a factory in Elabuga, making possible to reduce the rejection rate and to significantly improve quality of production.

“P-D Tatneft-Alabuga Fiberglass” and Inreco LAN plan to continue the cooperation on the development and improvement of the Q-Glass MES-system.