In March 2013 Inreco LAN celebrates the 10th anniversary of the Indaba Merchant project

March 25, 2013

Inreco LAN celebrates the tenth anniversary of the project called Indaba Merchant. Under this project Inreco LAN has developed and is now improving an advanced on-line selling system for its valued customer Better World Books company from South Bend, IN, USA.

Back in 2003 Inreco LAN was engaged to develop a small desktop application to sell books in the Internet. This application became the first version of Indaba. Since then, Indaba Merchant has grown up to an enterprise-wide system intended to sell books, music, movies and games on-line. Indaba integrates all the essential functions: inventory management, sales and customer service, shipping and fulfillment tools.

In 2010 Forbes has published an interview of Xavier Helgesen, one of the founders of the Better World Books company. Describing the BWB growth recipe, Xavier mentioned our software as one of its three main ingredients. We, Inreco LAN, are proud that from the scratch we have developed this custom software, it to become now a complex enterprise-wide system, the foundation for successful and socially responsible business.